Monday, 10 December 2012

Look – It’s The Queen – In 3D!

You know technology has made it to the big time, when even the stodgy old Royal Family, used to ancient horse drawn carriages, starts to embrace it.

The annual Christmas Day Message from her Royal Highness, the Queen of England, will be recorded in three-dimension high definition – this is the first time a member of the Royal Family will be in 3D.

The BBC offered to broadcast the recent wedding Prince William to Kate Middleton, but the Royals declined.

Although the annual Christmas Day Message is usually brief – lasting under 30-minutes if that – and usually about the same things – a call for world peace, environmentalism, hope and prosperity for the coming year – perhaps this sudden change towards new technologies means a new fresh message from The Queen?

Perhaps we’ll have a more pragmatic, practical and realistic message, with tangible themes, instead of the usual call to the impossible world peace?

The notion of peace around the world is a nice pipe dream, but that is all it ever was and will be.

So long as we human beings have free will, free thought, and freedom of choice, we will constantly battle one another to express that free will, free thought and freedom of choice.

The constant never-ending war in the Middle East is based entirely on two diametrically opposed cultures expressing their ideological and political thoughts. This battle ground – which began in the 1960’s – has the occasional cease-fire, when the two sides appear to be getting along and moving towards peace.

But peace in the Middle East will never happen – so the notion of a world at peace is a fairy tale. Perhaps that’s why The Queen’s Annual Christmas Day message always includes this notion, because the life of fairy tales and fiction makes up much of the history of the Monarchy?

However, modern day technologies like HD 3D TV are far removed from the world of fairy tales. Technological marvels may start out as a mental image, a figment of one’s imagination, but soon become reality as soon as a method of creating that fiction for real is invented.

That’s just what the Royal Family – and other world leaders need – a way to turn the ideas of fiction such as world peace – into reality.

Then these annual messages from The Queen of England, the Pope, and other world leaders won’t appear so artificial and meaningless.

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