Wednesday, 6 February 2013

America’s Leader is a Show About Nothing

From weekly school shootings in small town America, to the presidential orders using automated robot “drones” to hunt down and kill American citizens, it appears US President Barack Obama has his hands full.

Not even a month into is second-term in office, and he’s down to business.

Problem is, he’s not really focusing on the business of his nation – and ultimately the world.

As our global economy continues to falter, the most powerful person of the free world isn’t talking much about how mend this fiscal mess.

Gun control and terrorism are big issues – but they are very much American-made issues.
Global economic progress – or lack of it – are – well – global.

Perhaps President Obama doesn’t have an answer to the world’s economic woes, and he’s focusing on the issues which he can confidently try to resolve.

However tragic it is to hear about some kid’s classroom being shot-up by some crazy huffed up on Prozac, that sad story doesn’t even dent the hearts and minds of those who have lost their jobs, their families and their homes in what is turning out to be the worst depression since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

It’s time for America’s president to do something presidential for a change – delegate, assign and focus.

Real leaders delegate responsibilities to qualified counterparts, assigning them the tasks which they just don’t have time to do, so they can focus on what really is important in managing their company – or in this case – country.

President Obama needs to delegate and assign the tasks of gun control, terrorism, and anything else distracting him from the business of running the free world, so that he can do just that – run the free world.

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