Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The First Lady B*tch Slap -- Or Should Have Been

America's First Lady Michelle Obama confronted a heckler during a private political party fundraiser the other night.

Good for her.

Michelle ObamaThough if she wasn't such a lady, she'd have slapped that heckler down.

While her hubby -- US President Barack Obama -- usually tries to calm hecklers down, usually retorting back with a quick quip after security finally removes the threat to the most powerful man on the planet -- Michelle Obama actually threatened to hand the microphone over to the heckler as she made for the door.

She wasn't really going anywhere -- she's the star of the show. But the tactic paid off, as the audience quickly turned against the heckler, because they feared their show stopper really was going to stop the show.

And who wants to listen to the rantings of a lone crazy person that somehow managed to sneak into a private function where the wife of the most powerful man on the planet was speaking?

HEY -- Secret Service -- how'd that happen?

Seriously, the First Lady showed some intelligence using some classic psychology.

By threatening to leave and hand over the mic to the unknown person yelling at the back of the room, she quickly garnered empathy, and support.

So even if she really did leave the room, the heckler wouldn't have much of an audience, because that person was persona non grata.

Clever move Mrs. O.


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