Monday, 12 November 2012

A Night Out with Hookers?

I love a nice night out with friends. Usually we go out to a fine dinning restaurant, because you can’t have a nice night out with friends without great food.

Maybe as I get older, I've lost touch with young people, as kids these days are showing a lot more skin than we ever did when I was a kid.

There seems to be a trend with teen – and what appears in some cases pre-teen – girls to dress in exceptionally short tight skirts, with low necklines, working in fine dinning establishments as hostesses.
Though you’d swear from their outfits they were women of the night, waiting for their ‘Johns.’

I understand in many sports bars the waitresses often wear outfits which show off their – ahem – assets – because the mostly male clientele tip higher if they think the pretty girls are flirting with them.

But at a fine dinning restaurant, where men, women and families go for a pleasant night out, that’s not cool.

What’s worse, is these kids are just that – kids. They don’t know any better – my hunch is their managers are advising them – or telling them – to show some skin.

What kind of sicko tells a pre-teen girl it’s okay to dress like a whore in a family restaurant? What kind of message are we telling kids today?

Sex sells – but sexualizing children – and that’s what they are – is wrong.

When the health and safety inspectors go into these places, they shouldn’t just  write up restaurants for unhealthy conditions, they should be able to shut a place down that is exploiting our youth.

Because in the end, that’s what these fine dinning restaurants are doing – exploiting young girls.

It isn’t right that these kids are being paraded about like street walkers.

There are restaurants – like Hooters – where the wait staff intentionally dress revealing. But from my understanding, they have to be at least 21 years old, and they choose to work at that restaurant, knowing the dress code, and all that goes with that dress code.

Pre-teen girls don’t know what wearing such skimpy outfits really says in our highly sexualized society. They don’t understand that when people are eyeing them up and down, it isn't because they are cute kids, but because they are dressed like sluts.

These high-end eating establishments are selling sex, off the backs of children that don’t know any better.

It’s almost like pimping out your own daughter, only there isn’t any sex act involved. You can look but you can’t touch.


Wait until she’s legal.

Wait . . .. that’s just sick.

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