Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Ying and Yang of Being Held Hostage by Big Oil

It’s amazing how gullible the oil and gas executives think we are. For years in Canada and the United States, there have been concerns of price fixing on the famed – or now infamous – fossil fuel which runs the world.

The oil and gas industry claims these sudden price changes are due to the constant supply and demand of the market. The more oil and gas we consume, the higher the price. The less we consume, the lower the price, as the more supply.

Sounds like basic high school economics. But it’s just a ruse to throw us off their money making plans.

Federal governments in both halves of North America, and even in other parts of the world have launched investigations into these price fixing concerns – never being able to prove it because of the sneaky Arab oil tycoons that control the big oil and gas companies.

We haven’t heard much about price fixing for a while. As in the past, the sneaky tyrants running the world by controlling the flow of oil have a way to keep us off their tracks.

Today, the price at the pumps – as it has become known – is expected to drop by 1.1 cents per litre. Yes, drop – as in be cheaper!
That sounds pretty good, unless you factor in previously it rose by 2.1 cents per litre.

The cost of fuel for our gas guzzling cars has constantly increased and decreased by mere cents every day, for the past several months.

If you plot the course of gas on the whole, the price has actually risen more than fallen. But most are none the wiser – as we rejoice when we here gas prices drop by a mere fraction of a penny, thinking that’s a bargain!

What a deal – I might as well fill up my car now.

That’s the whole ploy – raise prices slowly over time, slightly dropping them every so often to give the appearance of a real economic supply and demand price structure – but in the end, it’s clever math used to by devious oil and gas tycoons to deceive you.

One day, governments will catch on to this latest ruse and again the price fixing talk will hit the press. Until then, rejoice in learning that the auto industry actually may be moving away from big evil dirty oil.

Yesterday, Motor Trend Magazine named it’s car of the year – and it doesn't run on gas.

The Tesla Model S is a completely electric vehicle (EV for short), and it’s designed to compete against the luxurious BMW 5 series.

It does so well – Motor Trend isn't the only auto reviewer I've heard give award-winning marks to the Tesla Model S, but Motor Trend is the major auto magazine which sets the standard for auto reviewers worldwide.

And it’s about time an alternatively fuelled vehicle made the top pick.

For years we've heard governments and automakers a like brag about how they are leading the way in terms of researching alternative fuelled vehicle research to break our dependence upon foreign oil.

Funny, the first car to become a real alternatively fuelled vehicle of choice isn't from any of the major automakers.

A little company called Tesla Motors, which started in almost a decade ago, had a vision of making electric vehicles which not only had the pep of a gas engine, but didn't scare you with ridiculously low distance limits before the battery needed a charge.

Tesla impressed us with their super car, which not only didn't have short distance woes, but was able to get from zero to 60 in under five seconds – comparable to Porsche, and other gas-powered high-end sport cars.

The Tesla Model S continues these amazing stats, and unlike their super car – the Tesla Roadster which was just a two-seater – the Tesla S has room for four full-sized adults, groceries, and all the comforts of a high-end everyday driving sedan.

Congratulations Tesla –and keep it up.

The world needs innovative and imaginative inventors like you, to break us from our dependencies on big black oil.

Because it’s sadly obvious, governments and the traditional big automakers aren't going to do it – they talk, and talk and talk.

Occasionally the major automakers release a demo of one of their concept cars.
But none has come out with anything really practical – like Tesla.

Even General Motor’s Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf have limits which make them only practical for city dwellers. And the Nissan Leaf looks like an egg with it's back cut-off -- not very attractive!

Both GM and Nissan are still peddling gas guzzling vehicles. Until they break their ties completely with big oil, they will never make a decent EV or other alternative fuelled vehicle.

Once you make a deal with the devil, you play by the devil’s terms. And the devil – in this case big Arab oil – won’t allow the major automakers to manufacture anything which really cuts into the oil and gas tycoon’s profits.

Tesla Motors never made that deal with the devil. From day one, they were making cars which ran on free electrons, instead of filthy – and costly – black oil.

The world needs more Tesla Motorheads – willing to stand up to the devil.

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