Thursday, 7 March 2013

Budget Axe May Grind Away Toronto Teachers – Good Riddance

Last night, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) had to reduce its annual operating budget – in the Province of Ontario, Canada, public school boards aren’t allowed to be in debt.

On the budget chopping block are numerous full and part-time teaching positions, mostly in the high school level.

Good riddance to the bloated, ego-maniacal teachers – serves them right if they lose their jobs.

Normally, I’d have the utmost respect for those charged with educating our kids.

However, since the school year began last September, our kids have been stuck in the middle of a labour war between the teachers, their union, and the Province of Ontario.

The province imposed – as they are rightfully allowed to being the public school teachers employer – a new contract, which the union didn’t like.

Since then, there have been random walkouts, picket lines and worse for the future leaders of tomorrow – no extra-curricular activities.

There’s more to life than reading, writing and arithmetic – although those are important. The after school sports, clubs and events which has been a part of most children’s – until this school year – foundation of learning forms the basis for learning more than books can teach.

From being a good sport, to learning how to work well with others, to thinking outside the box – sounds a lot like what you’d find in a job ad – extra-curricular activities teach our kids how to function in society, and lead meaningful lives.

That is unless you live in Ontario, where the teachers haven’t been doing their job.

At first blush, it appears to be a labour issue, where the teachers and their union are working to rule in protest against their boss, the provincial government.
But just two weeks ago, the union asked teachers to resume extra-curricular activities, as the union was forging ahead with negotiations. Most of the teachers – the good apples – joyfully did just that.

But according to the union, about 20 percent of the province’s teachers are holding out, STILL refusing to give kids the education they need, by refusing to do extra-curricular activities.

These bad apples aren’t just holding innocent children hostage, they are now making it clear they don’t deserve to have a good paying government job.

As unemployment worldwide climbs in the worst depression since the Great Depression, apathy is anything but your friend. And lazy-ass teachers, can’t hide behind their union in Ontario and claim extra-curricular activities are part of their protest – the union made it clear that’s not the case anymore.
So, when school boards across the province face laying off slacker teachers to balance their budgets, cry me a river, because they deserve the seeds they sowed.

Unfortunately, another “benefit” of unionized labour is time in. The longer you’ve been in the union, the more clout you carry, and that means the teachers that most likely will face unemployment are the young new ones, which aren’t necessarily lazy-ass slackers.

Unionized labour – good grief.

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