Monday, 21 January 2013

America Isn’t the Great Country Everyone Thinks it Is

On the day when the first black American President is sworn in for his second term in office, all you have to do is re-read this sentence to see what is wrong with America.

When Barack Obama was first sworn in, he was jettisoned to instant rock star celebrity status. He made the history books, by becoming the first non-white man to lead the most powerful nation on our planet.

Today, he’s being sworn in for his second term in office, and although he has lost much of that rock star appeal, the most powerful country on the planet still can’t get over the fact that he’s not white.

Or at least that’s the image the rest of the world sees, when America makes more of a deal about their leader’s skin colour, than what he has accomplished.

Usually, when an American President is sworn into office – especially for the second time – the focus is on his past accomplishments, and possible future plans.
Although these are being discussed in Washington, DC, the media focus is once again on the colour of the re-elected leader.

Other countries may have rioting in the streets, extreme poverty where innocent children don’t get more than a stale piece of rock hard bread if they are lucky, for the whole day. There are other countries around the globe with brutal wars being fought, so the very thought of stepping outside for fresh air is a dangerous one.

Yet these places don’t make a big deal about the colour of their leader’s skin.

Perhaps the once thought of greatest country in the world, really isn’t so great after all?

There aren’t riots in the streets, extreme poverty, famine, disease, or brutal wars raging across America.

Well, there is one.

It’s that silent but deadly war called racism.

Because when the most powerful country in the world is more concerned with the colour of their leader’s skin, than what that person has done for their country, that brings to light the unspoken truth about America.

Despite all that American’s have achieved, they still are struggling with one of humanity’s most insidious traits.


It’s a brutal battle in of itself. And it’s being played out on the world stage, by the very fact that despite having the same person in the White House for another four years, Americans can’t get over the fact that he’s not white.


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