Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How Today’s Extreme Cold Proves Global Warming

Anyone stepping out into the frigid temperatures sweeping across all of Canada, the Northern United States, and parts of Europe may have thought global warming took a holiday.
It is called warming, not cooling.

However, the record-breaking deep chills across a massive chunk of our planet are just one of many climatic events which proves we’re dancing on a dangerous slope with climate change, brought about by global warming.

Extreme weather – of any kind – is the tell tale sign we’re in the midst of a major climate change. And although it was cold enough in some parts to freeze water on sight, it is all due to global warming.

When you’re talking about any change on a planet-wide scale, you’re typically talking about extremely small changes over long periods of time. But because these small changes occur planet-wide, they have big repercussions.

So a one degree increase in the average global temperatures might not seem like much. But that manifests itself by one degree in either way on the extremes too.

So if over the past decade, our average temperatures have increased by one degree, that now means our hottest temperatures are 10 degrees hotter, and our coldest days are 10 degrees cooler.

Which is why today’s extremely cold conditions across the globe are a sign of global warming.
Extremes in temperatures aren’t the only cause for concern. These minuscule temperature changes over time also bring extremes in other weather too.

Our snow storms are getting more fierce, our summertime thunder storms more violent, and our fall hurricanes more treacherous.

As our planet warms, it essentially makes it more dangerous for us all.

Extreme cold weather, tornadic activity, and hurricanes with sweeping storm fronts have been known to kill off unfortunate people living in the affected areas.

Oh wait – we all live in the affected areas because these events are global – that’s the nature of global warming.

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