Thursday, 10 January 2013

Teachers Harm Their Students in Blind Self Interest

As the economy continues to nose dive, labour unrest grows, as everyone is worried about their job.

That’s understandable, given a job is the foundation for keeping us fed, clothed and sheltered in our modern, always on and available world.

From pilots, at a small Canadian airline – Porter – going on strike, to the loss of Twinkies in the States thanks in part to a union’s increasing costs to the profit losing-company Hostess, organized unions aren't very – well – organized – these days.

The latest victim to the labour movement are perhaps those most unprepared for it – our children.

Granted, that collective agreement was mandated upon them by the government, however, last I checked, the government was well within its legal and some may argue ethical, rights to do just that.

Since the school year began last September, the teachers just haven’t been very deserving of apples, as they hold our kids hostage all so they can guarantee something no one can anymore – job security and salary increases. The teachers have stopped hosting extra-curricular activities, coaching school sports teams, and even forced kids to cross picket lines.
Imagine, being a scared child, and having to be rushed through an angry mob just to get to class!

Maybe Ontario’s teachers skipped economics class, because most know when the economy tanks, job security and guaranteed wage increases just don't happen.

Unless you've got a mafia – I mean union boss – threatening – I mean negotiating – on your behalf.

Seriously, unions act just like organized crime. They come around, force you to sign up for “protection,” threaten your job if you refuse, and then they go out and bully your manager if they don’t get what they want.
Maybe they can enlist the cast of The Sopranos to do a new TV show, only instead of leading a crime family of gangsters, Tony Soprano will lead a group of high school teachers?

Whatever happened to teachers that gave a damn about teaching? Where did the teachers go that actually got into the profession to shape future generations?

Millions of people globally are struggling just to find a basic job – yet the average Ontario teacher makes a very comfortable middle-class income, and all we ask of them is to take care of our kids so they too can have a future.

Mr. Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, you’re too nice. You should abolish the union, fire any teacher instantly that refuses to do their job, and hire one of the thousands of Ontarian’s out of work.

That’ll teach the teachers a lesson in economics.

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