Wednesday, 16 January 2013

American’s Just Love Their Bang-Bang

US President Barack Obama has been spouting off about making his country safer, since the horrible tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last month.

President Obama even went so far as to announce what he calls the most aggressive stance on gun control legislation ever.

His proposed changes aim to reduce the amount of high-powered assault weapon ammunition packs – called “clips” that American’s may own, calls on civil servants to be more thorough with background checks of applicants requesting gun permits, and even calls for the prohibition of certain types of automatic assault weapons.


Notice anything missing?

What about just banning the bang-bang in the first place?

The reason Americans shoot each other is because they can. It’s in their constitution – just ask the National Rifle Association (NRA), they harp on that very fact every time someone dare’s suggest banning the public’s right to fire arms.

Banning high-powered assault weapons is a start – one must question the safety and sanity of a nation where the general population believes it’s normal to own military-grade weapons.

Yet in the good ‘ol USA, you can walk into a Wal-Mart and purchase enough fire power to create your own army.

If President Obama really wanted to make his country safer, he should ban the sale of guns to the public period.

Police, the military and other law officials that have been trained in the correct maintenance and use of these dangerous tools should have the right to carry guns, as it’s part of their job.
However, when a cute thirtysomething teacher on the NBC Nightly News is firing off rounds of ammunition at a gun range, and says on the broadcast that she’s practising so she can protect her students, we know there is something wrong with American society.

Deathly wrong.

That’s all that guns are for.

To kill.

Sure, we’ve all seen in the movies some snarky special agent shooting to slow or injure a criminal in some flashy action movie.

Hollywood rarely imitates real life. In the heat of the moment, when your typical beat cop that’s never had to pull his gun out in the line of duty suddenly does, he’s not going to be so precise.

And we’re assuming a police officer has had years of training. Your average American that owns a high-powered assault weapon probably hasn’t had the training that a cop has.

If President Obama really wanted to make his country safe, he’d ban guns period.

Guns don’t kill people.

People with guns kill people.

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